A member of the Youth Advisory Panel – India

Hello, I’m India, 17, and a member of the Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) at OCD Action. I came across the charity after reading an account of a sufferer called Joe (‘Touch and Go Joe’).

I’ve recently written up a dissertation for one of my AS levels exploring the causes of OCD in teenagers. OCD Action were extremely useful in helping me with this project thanks to the annual conference they put on last November where I was able to gain lots of information for it.

What is the YAP panel?

The YAP is a web-based panel, where we meet once a month via Google Hangout. Here, we discuss OCD in the media, for example, the recent programme ¬†‘Extreme OCD Camp’ on BBC 3. Our biggest aim, however, is to try and increase the awareness of the disorder and offer support to other sufferers, particularly young people. Most recently, we’ve been working on a new app for smart/i phones that teenagers can access that gives advice and helps them to tackle their own OCD. A great thing about the panel is that many of us are sufferers of the disorder so we can give some first-hand advice and ideas that we believe can help them.

Being part of the YAP

I have found it particularly interesting to meet other teenagers with the disorder and share experiences. Being on the panel has also given me opportunities to take part in other events, for example, I recently took part in an online webinar with teachers where I gave an account of my experiences of OCD.

Finally, the YAP has helped set up a wider community of young people with OCD (we even have our own private Facebook group!)

But you can also hear about us on twitter! Please follow @OCDyouth for more information 

Speak soon!

India :)





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