The Youth Network for me – Joe

Hi readers, I am Joe the Chair of the Youth Action Panel and this is how I see the Youth Network…

Why did I join?

As a recovered sufferer of OCD I had links with people in the community. One day my mum told me about the Youth Network, at which time it was just being formed. I wanted to make a difference to something close to my heart and get involved with a fun project, so I jumped at the opportunity and here I am now.

By joining I have been able to use my experience of the illness to help others currently suffering with OCD. I have also been able to meet many people as a result of the network, giving me an interesting insight into other people’s experiences and attempts to make improvements in the OCD community.

What is it?

One year ago OCD Action began a group open to all OCD sufferers, recovered sufferers and friends of sufferers. This group, now relatively large, invites members to online meetups where they can discuss plans for OCD Action’s Youth section. Such plans involve the creation of new apps aimed to help OCD sufferers, deciding ways in which awareness can be raised (charity events/media) and making improvements to the OCD at School website.

What will you get out of this?

The Youth Network provides members with the chance to meet other people experiencing similar problems as them. This means sufferers can feel less alone and more powerful as a team. The members are able to converse online and in person on the group trips such as the forthcoming London Meetup. As a result members find the group work rewarding and enjoyable as they tackle key issues in the OCD community as well as personal issues.

How can you get involved?

Just fill out the attached form and send it off to the given details.


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