OCD at Uni

When you’re struggling with OCD, university may seem very daunting. You may be at the planning stages, or have begun your course already. Perhaps you’ve had OCD for years? Or maybe OCD has only become a problem now that you’re organising your life and studies away from the support of family and school? Whatever the situation, we hope you find useful information here.

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2 Responses to OCD at Uni

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Question from Subscriber.

Dear Indian girl, I just wanted to send you my support and encouragement to keep going, finish your courses so you can become independant and free! It´s worth the struggle! I have ocd too and I know what a tough time it is. But to me it really sounds like you have a future full of hope in front of you, with a good education that will set you free from the oppression you are in right now. Keep going!!! Allt the best.

Posted on May 25th 2017 @ 08:17:37. [ MjA4Mg== ]

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Question from Subscriber.

I am an Indian girl living in India. I am a graduate in finance and amat the end of a post-graduate professional course. However, my parents and brother have made my life hell. They torture me mentally. They know what triggers my OCD and they use that to make me do what they want. If I don't do they continue to do things which make me very trouble and torture me. What do I do ? Whatever money I earn is spent on my expensive medications, so I can't stay separate. My income isn't much that I can rent a house. I'm totally at their mercy. They take full advantage of this fact. I'm an Indian girl. They know once I clear the last exam of this course I'll get a well paying job and won't be at their mercy anymore. However, they don't want me to succeed. They want a person who will do all the housework free of charge and also use my knowledge to handle their accounts and taxes free and remain as their slave. I know I'm in a different country and its not easy for you to help me, however, I don't know why I still have some hope from you.

Posted on March 19th 2017 @ 21:13:38. [ MjAzNA== ]