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OCD Youth’s Feburary fundraiser was a success!

Thank you to everybody who took part in, made a donation towards, and supported OCD Youth’s February Fundraiser!

Throughout February, the OCD Youth team, members of our Youth Advisory Panel and young people across the country have been busy raising funds for OCD Action, and promoting awareness of OCD, BDD and related disorders.

From Charlie’s bake sale, to Jady’s guest blog on our website, to George’s Facebook birthday fundraiser, thank you to everybody who took part and got involved in this campaign – we look forward to having the chance to thank you all in person at the next OCD Youth event! Together, we raised 94% of our target amount, which is incredible!

OCD Action’s vision is of a society where Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is better understood and diagnosed quickly, where appropriate treatment options are open and accessible, where support and information are readily available and where nobody feels ashamed to ask for help.

From giving your loose change to becoming a Member, from having the confidence to openly discuss mental health with your peers to simply watching Rose Cartwright’s ‘Pure’ on Channel 4 during February, thank you so much to everybody who supported this project through donations, word of mouth and raising awareness.

OCD Youth is run by young people with OCD, for young people with OCD. Thanks to your donations, we can continue to organise trips and outings, manage a youth website and social media channels, write articles and create awareness resources, produce videos and media, and much more to help support under 25s living with OCD!

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