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Online Youth Support Group

Your chance to receive and offer support to other 16-17 year olds (update: now 16-20!) who have/think they may have OCD.

On Sunday 10th September, OCD Youth helped launch the first peer support group for 16-17 year olds (update: now 16-20 year olds!), in partnership with the OCD Action Even Better Together team who help set up and support online and local support groups for adults around the country. Opening up a group to this age group wasn’t something we’d been able to do in the past but has been something we’ve seen is needed for a long time. We speak to lots of under-18’s on our forums and e-helpline, many of whom are very keen for the chance to meet other young people with OCD to share experiences and know they’re not alone.


The new group meets once a month on Skype, with young people turning their cameras off for privacy or dialing in on a normal telephone. The group is facilitated by trained volunteers Emily, Gary and Jennifer. A member of the Youth Panel will attend each month to sign-post young people to our other services if necessary, and we all chat between meetings on a moderated Facebook group set up specifically for regular attendees of the online group.


The first session was a great success with young people joining to introduce themselves to the group and get to know where each other are in their journeys. Future sessions will be led by the needs of the young people; we want the group to be a mixture of support from other young people and information provided by our facilitators. There’s still lots of space in the group and we’re always happy to welcome new members.
We meet on the second Sunday of each month at 6pm and anyone who is interested in joining is encouraged to contact and our Even Better Together team can provide more information on joining the group and help get you started.
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