• Youth Event: 18th February

    January 27th 2012

    On Saturday 18th February, OCD Action are teaming up with Maudsley Hospital to run a whole day of events for young people with OCD (and their parents!). We’ll be kicking...Read More.

  • My Story

    February 10th 2011

    At the age of ten I began doing some strange behaviour like counting steps over and over in my head. My family and I referred to them as my ’habits‘....Read More.

  • Supporting my Child

    October 20th 2010

    As a parent of a child who has OCD I understand that it can be difficult to cope...Read More.

  • There are currently around 127,000 young people with OCD at school. Many live lives designed to hide their internal torment, frightened about what would happen if they opened up to...Read More.