• Jamie, a member of our Youth Network, has made a great video about OCD. Like many OCD sufferers, Jamie thinks it’s important to raise awareness of the realities of having...Read More.

  • There is an abundance of help on the internet. This is just as well, as starting university is a stressful yet exciting time. Yet the whole process can induce behaviour...Read More.

  • India’s video about OCD

    October 11th 2013

    One of our Youth Panel members (India) has produced a video explaining what OCD is, why we need increased awareness of the realities of OCD, and offering advice for young...Read More.

  • OCD and Me

    October 11th 2013

    Hi my name is Laura, I’m 19 and from Northern Ireland. I’ve suffered from OCD for quite a long time now, when I look back at my childhood I realise that...Read More.

  • ‘Can I tell you about OCD?’ is exactly what is says on the tin – it’s a smart, simple guide which explores all there is to know about Obsessive Compulsive...Read More.

  • Jamie’s Story

    October 8th 2013

    I sit here on a Saturday night trying to remain positive. In order to do so I have done something that I very rarely do anymore, and that is listen...Read More.

  • We are more than just OCD

    October 4th 2013

    OCD. Ah, the word that is thrown about a lot these days for sometimes unnecessary reasons. As a lot of people know OCD is a debilitating condition that effects many...Read More.

  • Off to uni this year? Firstly, congratulations! Often we get so caught up in the stress of exams and the emotion when it’s all over, that it’s easy to forget...Read More.

  • By Camilla – OCD Action Juliette’s first experience of mental health problems was at the young age of eight years old. OCD was driving her to compulsively dry her hands,...Read More.

  • Are you starting your first year at university this September? Or are you going back for your second or third year at university or college? If you’re affected by obsessive...Read More.