• Claire’s Story

    August 22nd 2013

    I have suffered from OCD since I was 6 years old. It has taken many forms and affects all aspects of my life. I hate going food shopping. I examine...Read More.

  • The first episode of  ‘Extreme OCD Camp’ was shown  on BBC 3 on Tuesday 30th July, with the second one next week at the same time. It followed six teenagers/young...Read More.

  • This video follows the story of a teenage boy living with OCD....Read More.

  • Hello, I’m India, 17, and a member of the Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) at OCD Action. I came across the charity after reading an account of a sufferer called Joe...Read More.

  • extreme OCD camp

    July 30th 2013

    FYO: This evening (Tuesday) at 9pm on BBC 3 there is a program following 6 people through an intensive CBT program for OCD....Read More.

  • Beth’s Story

    July 25th 2013

    Eleven Years and Counting (Multiple Times) Where It All Started  My earliest memories of OCD were in nursery school, when I thought that if I didn’t give my mum a...Read More.

  • Online seminar sessions: Term 3 About: These online seminars are for parents of children with OCD and take place on the third Tuesday of each month 7-8pm. They usually take...Read More.

  • Hi readers, I am Joe the Chair of the Youth Action Panel and this is how I see the Youth Network… Why did I join? As a recovered sufferer of...Read More.

  • Kat’s Story

    July 2nd 2013

    Applying for your first job is difficult enough, but what if you’re also coping with a mental health issue? Kat tells her story about leaving university and looking for her...Read More.

  • The Youth Network

    June 25th 2013

    Under 25 and have OCD? Looking to get a bit more involved with OCD Action’s activities? Or hoping to get to know some of the other young people in our...Read More.