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Understanding OCD: A video by Ali

This creative and informative video, by OCD Action volunteer Ali, is an incisive insight into OCD and its potentially disabling effects.

Affected by OCD himself, Ali is keen to raise awareness of the fact that it is a severe but treatable condition. He created the film as part of the Fixers project, which helps young people tackle issues that matter to them.

Ali intends for the film to challenge conceptions of OCD as simply a cleaning disorder, and to get to the heart of what people with OCD go through on a daily basis.

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One Response to Understanding OCD: A video by Ali

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Question from Subscriber.

Wow. This is absolutely amazing. I joined the Fixers Nation too, but this clip. Wow.

Posted on January 9th 2015 @ 01:22:50. [ OTkz ]