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VR and OCD Research – Get Involved Now!

More information about The McPin Foundation, their Virtual Reality (VR) research as well as other opportunities to get involved.

Here at OCD Youth, we want to not only be a place of information, education, inspiring stories and world class ideas, we also want to alert you to opportunities to be part of real, practical solutions and research that can and will help those affected most by OCD.

Over on the main OCD Action website, there is a whole page dedicated to research opportunities and you can get there really easily by clicking here, so why not head over there after reading this and see if something catches your eye?

That’s why we’re highlighting The McPin Foundation today, and their new research into a different approach to therapy with OCD*. If you’ve never heard of The McPin Foundation before, you can find out more information here, but in brief, they are an organisation that “exists to transform mental health research by putting the lived experience of people affected by mental health problems at the heart of research methods and the research agenda”.

Their newest research on OCD involves a VR headset and a chance to join their Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP). The foundation want user-developed workshops and the LEAP to ensure that people with lived experience of OCD have their voices heard during the VR design process. Some of the staff at McPin will be using their own experience of OCD to also help guide the research.

Applications close on the 10th of May, just one day before the OCD Action National Conference (click here for info on how to get tickets for that) so if you want to be involved, don’t hesitate!

*Please note that currently the only evidence based treatments for OCD are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (with Exposure and Response Prevention) and medication.*

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