We are more than just OCD

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'Hi! My name is Ellen and I'm 14. I have recently started a blog about my experience with OCD and you can check it out:


OCD. Ah, the word that is thrown about a lot these days for sometimes unnecessary reasons. As a lot of people know OCD is a debilitating condition that effects many people worldwide. I just want you to know that you are not alone. OCD becomes a big part of our lives and controls even the littlest things making it hard to function. To me OCD is a thing that governs you. It takes control of you making you do everything it says. ‘OCD bullies you into believing it’s your friend.’ We can sometimes start to believe that we are only OCD. We are nothing more than just that kid/adult with OCD. I want to let you know that you are much more than that!

If you think about it we spend each day with rituals upon rituals constantly taking up time. Our anxiety spikes at the smallest of things. We get intrusive thought that get stuck and won’t leave us causing us to worry excessively, however we are still going. All of us. We are still fighting strong! It takes a lot to go through that every day plus all the normal things that we need to do. I want you to look at yourself and realise how strong and brave you are! We are not just that person with OCD, we are much much more. I want to say never let the fact that you suffer from OCD stop you from reaching and achieving your dreams. I know that sometimes it can feel like you won’t be able achieve anything and that your future is hopeless, but honestly it’s not! You have got so much ahead of you! Never let the fact that you have OCD hold you back. Recovery is possible for everyone, and together we can all beat this! Whether you tackle it alone, with your family or with a psychologist it’s possible for all of us to conquer OCD.

I would love to become a clinical psychologist when I’m older. I try to keep my mind open to the future as best as I can. Earlier in the year I did loose a lot of hope about my future. I was engulfed by the negative thoughts, and from being that person that used to daydream about what job I would like to pursue, and where I would like to travel to just having no hope was difficult. I did manage to get through it with the help of my family, friends and my psychologist which I am very grateful for! I am still battling with my OCD and currently doing some exposures for it which are difficult, but very good in the long term. School does prove to be difficult at times as it can be one of the main causes that make me worry and perform rituals so that everything goes ‘just right’, but it’s just a work in progress!

For me seeing a psychologist has helped me a lot. Seriously it has changed me so much in a positive way, and I am loving every second of it! My psychologist is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet. She understands me so well and has helped me to understand my OCD so much better. I will honestly never forget how much she has helped me! I would really recommend going to see someone if you can. It is a great experience and you will not regret it. It can help you break away from the weight of OCD. Also if you do find that you are labelling yourself as ‘I’m only OCD, nothing else’, it can help you break that thought about yourself and show you that you are much more! If you need any more help or support visit the forum page! Thank you so much for reading this!

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