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This is a space where members are able to talk openly and honestly about issues relating to OCD. Due to the nature of intrusive thoughts, there may be some themes that are difficult to read about, particularly for younger audiences. Please take care of yourselves and those around you. We all know how difficult OCD can be to deal with, so having a judgement-free place to express yourself is vital. We also know that being able to hear from other people with similar experiences to you can be a real comfort. With that in mind, we hope you enjoy the blog!

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  • Unraveling Rose

    Book Review: Unraveling Rose

    By Richard April 18th 2019

    When I got to the office this morning, the last thing I thought I’d be feeling was utterly broken, emotionally drained and then marvelously uplifted after reading a children’s book...Read More.

  • SOCD MF380119041011300

    The messiness of mental health

    By Richard April 10th 2019

    When I was diagnosed at 15 with OCD and depression, I thought recovery would be simple. Oh how naïve of me! I genuinely thought that, just like with a physical...Read More.

  • Talking about ocd_upload

    Talking about OCD

    By George February 18th 2019

    I was first diagnosed with OCD in my second year of university. Even five years on, I’m hesitant to use the word “diagnosed” – It makes me, and many others,...Read More.

  • pure final image1

    PURE Review

    February 14th 2019

    When I first heard about Channel 4’s new drama “Pure”, I felt a peculiar mixture of excitement and unease. Having battled OCD throughout my childhood and teens, this show promised...Read More.

  • cbt

    Today is Time to Talk day, so let’s talk.

    February 7th 2019

    From first hand experience I know that the vast majority of people think OCD means cleanliness or having your pens lined up colour by colour so it looks all ‘pretty’....Read More.

  • my story 3

    My story so far…

    December 21st 2018

    Trigger warning: this post contains some content about suicide which some readers may find upsetting My name is Jady I’m 19 years old and at the age of 16 I...Read More.

  • uni1a-300x201

    Fresh Start

    October 26th 2018

    University, is a challenging time for anyone. Moving out, meeting people, being faced everyday with new challenges and expectations. Whether you are moving out of your home for the first...Read More.


    OCD and the Media

    By Richard August 22nd 2018

    Whenever I see an article, TV show, film or book that has OCD in the title or description, I immediately feel apprehensive. I’m not sure whether I’ve been conditioned to...Read More.


    When OCD Has A Friend…

    By Richard August 6th 2018

    Often when you live with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), you find that the illness doesn’t travel alone. When I was diagnosed with OCD at fifteen, I was also diagnosed with...Read More.

  • light-jar1

    The Light Jar book review

    By Nicole July 31st 2018

    When I saw Lisa Thompson was bringing out a new book, I was so excited! I loved her debut novel; The Goldfish Boy. Like the Goldfish boy, The light Jar...Read More.