Angel of my obsessions

August 19th 2014

A poem by Vicky

Bless those who are imprisoned by their own minds.

Who hear more doubts on the inside.

My protector guards me, keeps an eye on my safety,

and then leaves me to repeat each task again and again.


Confusion arises, I thought control was my friend.

It’s a beautiful thing, control, is it not?

but paralyzing and empty when it’s all you’ve got.


You’ve lost control now control’s got you,

a one sided relationship that wont light the truth,

no, you must check, repeat yourself, and check again

– don’t be the one responsible for someone’s death,

the oven must be switched off, the door tight shut,

and shower just once more, if you can’t get enough.


We’ve given the dark angel the power of space,

our heads chained to this unfair fate,

that feeling of control we so badly crave,

in a world of the unknown and we’re told to be brave.


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