Awesome Artwork Themed Around OCD

March 9th 2018

We receive lots of incredible artwork at OCD Youth and we particularly enjoyed being sent these wonderfully powerful pieces of art!

The artwork in this post was created by Eimear, a student in Edinburgh, and we desperately wanted to share it on the website.

She commented that, “I actually have been working on a couple of drawings that follow this theme of depicting what OCD has felt like for me in the past” and we think the following images portray OCD and the emotions it conjures up superbly.

Eimear gave us descriptions for each piece of work, so I’ll say no more and let the art speak for itself!

“The illustration with the girl hugging her knees is made up of the word ‘over’, written over and over to create the image. This reflects the ruminating thoughts that often accompany OCD, where we can go over things in our minds again and again in a seemingly unbreakable loop.”





“The image with the blanked-out face and colourful hair is a representation of how i’ve felt at times, that OCD has taken my identity in a sense. My compulsions often left me unable to do the things I loved, and so I felt like any notion of “me” had been erased, so that’s what this depicts.”



“The drawing with the dancer and the hand represents, to me, the notion that sometimes it can feel like OCD is pulling the strings, but it’s possible to take back control, and resist OCD’s pull. I have also attached an inverted version of this dancer, because I think it’s quite a striking image.”







We think these pieces are amazing and if you’re reading this and have any artwork that you’d like us to see, do send it in to us!

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