CBBC’s Newsround – “Inside my head”

April 4th 2017

Last month, CBBC’s Newsround released an ‘Inside My Head’ special about a boy called Josh, aged 14, who lives with OCD. In the programme, Josh told his story which included keeping his thoughts and fears a secret as he feared that he would be branded a weirdo and become more isolated as people wouldn’t understand what he was going through.

Like many people who live with and fight against OCD daily, feeling like you’re the only one in the world who is suffering is an all too common experience. Often alone with your thoughts, worries and anxious feelings, it can be incredibly hard to think about telling someone about them. However, like Josh described in the film, it’s so important to tell someone you trust about how your life is being affected by your thoughts and behaviours.

Fortunately, we are living in a time where it is becoming more and more socially acceptable for people to talk about their mental health; but this doesn’t necessarily make it any easier, especially for younger children and young adults. Schools/colleges have the potential to be hostile and negative environments at the best of times with bullying and teasing commonplace so when you’re struggling with a mental illness, things can seem even worse.

When Josh told his dad about his thoughts, fears, worries and behaviours, he said that it felt like a weight being lifted from his chest. In the film, it’s clear that his dad still found it hard to talk about as his eyes were tearful but the most important thing that can be taken from this film is that talking really does help. Once Josh opened up about his OCD, it became easier for him to manage it and gain some control of his life back.

It’s vital to remember that when you’re struggling or if you feel like you’re the only one and you’re going through a really tough time; when there seems to be no way out, there is and will always be hope. Talk to the people you love and trust, confide in them and take the burden off of yourself. OCD Youth, in conjunction with OCD Action, are there to help you tackle this and you’re never alone, no matter how much your mind will try and convince you otherwise.

I think Josh summed it up perfectly when he ended the film, “So please, if you’re worried about how you’re feeling … tell someone. There’s loads of help out there and trust me, things really can get better.”.
You can watch the film here on BBC website within the Newsround sections, and if you need any support in dealing with OCD, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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