OCD Action National Conference 2019!

April 30th 2019

Everything you need to know before you arrive on the day

The OCD Action conference will always have a special place in my heart, not just because it’s attended by world-leading experts and inspirational people, but it’s where I found my tribe, my people, those who understand me.

Living with OCD is incredibly tough, and if you’re reading this then you’re probably well aware of that already. When you find people who are able to understand what you’re going through without even necessarily talking to you about your struggles, it’s a magical thing and something that gave me great strength and hope that I will be okay.

At last year’s conference, I was fortunate enough to be able to share my experiences/journey/story, call it what you like, with a room full of people who knew my struggle, who had either lived it themselves or had seen their loved onesĀ endure the pain and heartache. I also was able to attend various workshops and listen to speakers with a wealth of knowledge and insight into life with OCD and the recovery and treatment process. This was invaluable as I picked up tips and tricks to help me manage the thoughts and behaviours.

At this year’s conference in London, you can expect no compromise with regards to expertise, inspirational guest speakers, fun and informative workshops and an atmosphere of hope, compassion and kindness. There will be plenty to do and see for younger attendees, as well as a youth specific workshop which will be facilitated by members of the OCD Youth Advisory Panel. Anyone under the age of 16 will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian throughout the conference, however under 16s can attend for free with a paying adult.

The day will begin with a screening of a short documentary called OCD Is Not Me and then there will be plenary talks followed by various workshop and breakout sessions throughout the day with breaks for lunch and one in the afternoon, also. It will be a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and there will be staff from OCD Action on hand around the venue if you need assistance at any time.

You can still get tickets if you haven’t already here, and if you feel so inclined, it would be fantastic if you could share information about the conference on your social media feeds and encourage people to come along! We’re also really excited to announce that there is a live streaming ticket option as well if you are unable to attend in person.



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