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This is a space where members are able to talk openly and honestly about issues relating to OCD. Due to the nature of intrusive thoughts, there may be some themes that are difficult to read about, particularly for younger audiences. Please take care of yourselves and those around you. We all know how difficult OCD can be to deal with, so having a judgement-free place to express yourself is vital. We also know that being able to hear from other people with similar experiences to you can be a real comfort. With that in mind, we hope you enjoy the blog!

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  • welcome

    Welcome to YAP 2017!

    By Richard January 4th 2017

    If you’ve found yourself reading this, then hello and welcome to OCD Action’s Youth Advisory Panel for 2017! It’s a new year, a new panel and I am sure that...Read More.

  • side effects may

    Side Effects May Include

    November 29th 2016

    My OCD has taken many different forms over the years but primarily it revolved around contamination. With that came the obvious side effects like dry hands from excessive washing and...Read More.

  • is it just me

    Is it Just Me?

    October 19th 2016

    “High five my other hand as well,” my friend said to me. “Otherwise it will feel weird.” “O-kaaay.” I high fived her again whilst secretly thinking what a weirdo she...Read More.

  • baby

    Born This Way

    September 27th 2016

    “It’s just one of my little OCD things.” That’s what I’d say as I rearranged the shelves in Waitrose so all the produce was stacked straight. “It bugs me if...Read More.

  • uni

    The Experts by Experience

    September 20th 2016

    Last Tuesday, Dean and I were the experts for the afternoon! We were invited to be ‘teachers’ as part of the “Conversations with Experts by Experience” programme at Cambridge University....Read More.

  • dog

    Doggie Disaster

    September 13th 2016

    I have been a dog lover for as long as I can remember. Every Christmas I prayed I’d open a box with a puppy inside, I couldn’t walk past a...Read More.

  • food

    Food for Thought

    September 6th 2016

    I was obsessed with being thin. I don’t mean I worried about my weight like every other teenage girl on the planet, I mean I was obsessed. Being thin dominated...Read More.

  • peanuts

    Peanuts and Perspiration

    August 31st 2016

    I hated sweating. Nobody likes to sweat. It’s not a fun thing to do. It leaves you feeling kind of gross and sticky, plus it usually doesn’t smell great. But...Read More.

  • doctor

    My Diagnosis

    August 3rd 2016

    My Diagnosis I was diagnosed with OCD at 16. I had been living with it for many years before that, but it was only now that I had found the...Read More.

  • living with ocd

    Living with OCD

    April 15th 2016

    Hi Guys, My name’s Jen, I’m 21 years old living with OCD. Most people when they hear this think I must wash my hands every 5 minutes or continuously cleaning...Read More.