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About Us

OCD Youth aims to increase awareness and access to support for anyone under 25 affected by OCD.

OCD Youth is run *by* young people with OCD, *for* young people with OCD. We organise trips and outings, run online meet-ups, take part in campaigning activities, manage a youth website and social media channels, write articles and awareness resources, produce videos and media, and much more.

This is a youth-led initiative, meaning that the Youth Advisory panel (YAP) is at the heart of all these activities. The panel is made up of a group of volunteers under the age of 25 who have OCD themselves, and want to make a positive change for themselves and others like them. There are nine of us in total, all with different roles and responsibilities…




Hey all! I’m Rich and I’m the Chair of the Youth Advisory Panel. My role as Chair is to be a spokesperson for the panel, to instigate relationships and partnerships with stakeholders old and new alike and to ensure that as a collective group, we are doing the best to support young people that need us the most.
Aside from being the Chair, I spend a lot of my time working and advocating for mental health online and in person up and down the country and have my own website dedicated to my experience of living with OCD and depression.
As a lot of this can be quite stressful I like to relax by diving into video games and losing myself in books (my kindle is my best friend!).



Communications Advisor

Hey, I’m Nicole! I’m 18 and currently studying my A levels in college, with the aim of hopefully pursuing a career in something related to mental health or journalism. I’m the new communications advisor for YAP 2017, which means I will be overseeing and writing content for the OCD youth website as well as hopefully creating video content, in the new future as well. By joining YAP 2017, I hope to improve my confidence, meet like minded individuals who also suffer from OCD as well as help support young sufferers in the battle against their OCD, in addition to hopefully ending the stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental illness and OCD in particular. I can’t wait to get started, I can tell it’s going to be an amazing year for YAP 2017.



Support Advisor

I’m 22, live in London, and work as a fundraiser at a national youth charity. In my spare time, I love spending time with my family and keeping fit. I’m the Support Officer on the YAP. I organise the e-helpline rota and respond to messages. I also moderate the youth forums and keep the Facebook support group active. In the next year I hope to set up an online support group aimed specifically at young people, as well as further promoting the e-helpline. I’ve been a member of the YAP since 2013 and also volunteer on the main OCD Action helpline.



Web & Digital Advisor

Hello, my names Molly and I am 20 years old. I am currently doing a Merchandising Apprenticeship in London. The main (and only) sport that I partake in is skiing, but I also enjoy spending time with my friends and of course having crazily long TV show marathons. I have had OCD for the past three years, which has led me to volunteer for OCD YAPs. As the Web and Digital Advisor I will be keeping the website up-to-date with new content and bringing new ideas to the surface. I am excited for the future and curious about what it’s going to bring.

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Research Advisor

I’m a recent graduate from UCL in london, and studied anthropology. I’m currently taking a year out of study to work and research in prep for my masters which will be in documentary film. As part of the YAP I’m doing a research project into CAMHS and the age brackets that different mental health providers use to determine who does and doesn’t receive CAMHS



Media and Campaigns

Hi, I’m Alisha! I’m 18 years old and studying for my A-Levels in the hope of going to university to study education and psychology. I’ve had OCD for most of my life, but it is only one part of me, as I love drinking tea, writing, and Harry Potter. I work on media and campaigns on the YAP and so I appeal to social media, wider media networks such as radio/newspapers, and co-ordinate the panel’s chosen campaigns.



Events Advisor

Hey! I’m Becca, I’m 18 and I live in Scotland. I’ve had OCD since childhood, as well as an eating disorder. This year, I’m privileged to be the events manager on the youth advisory panel (YAP). I love writing poems, reading, swimming, ice skating and Zumba. I also like watching Netflix (especially crime series and SHERLOCK!!) and hanging out with my friends. I’m studying Care and Administration at college at the moment, but next year I’m going to uni to study nursing. I’m really excited for the year ahead, working with some really fabulous people and hopefully, through organising events, helping others with OCD to see that they’re not alone, as well as raising awareness of the condition, raising funds for OCD Action and helping bust the frustrating myth that OCD is a quirk. I want to stop people saying that they’re ‘a wee bit OCD’ when they have no idea what OCD even is! Looking forward for what is bound to be an exciting year!



Training Advisor

I battled OCD and an eating disorder for most of my before eventually getting treatment. Now, I work as a journalist and regularly write about my story in the hope I can help others going through the same thing. In my spare time I love being with animals and am training to work with rescue dogs. I’m so excited to be a part of the OCD YAP. In my role as Training Advisor I’ll be creating vlogs and giving talks for sufferers and carers a like.

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I am 19, a student and am so excited to join OCD Youth as secretary. Having spent my teenage years hurling through many different treatments and ups and downs, I am now mostly recovered from OCD and post traumatic stress. I have been involved in service improvement for several years now, both locally and on a national level, trying to use my experiences positively. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had and look forward to this new challenge.