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    Truths vs the Myths

    July 25th 2019

    When it comes to misconceptions around OCD, you’ll often hear people saying it’s to do with being tidy or wanting to be clean. Let me tell you how much easier...Read More.

  • mental health 79

    Wow. What a busy week it’s been here over at OCD Youth. The OCD Action National Conference on Saturday was an incredibly inspiring, emotive and educational affair, prompting great discussions...Read More.

  • ocd, and the important parts.

    OCD, and the Important Parts

    By George May 10th 2019

    Disclaimer: This article contains language that some readers may find offensive Mental health, and the issues that we all face on a daily basis, is a constant, unavoidable part of...Read More.

  • conference_2019

    OCD Action National Conference 2019!

    By Richard April 30th 2019

    The OCD Action conference will always have a special place in my heart, not just because it’s attended by world-leading experts and inspirational people, but it’s where I found my...Read More.

If you have or think you may have OCD, check out our guide to have these questions answered:
  • What is OCD?
  • How do I know if I have OCD?
  • What can my school or university
    do to support me?
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