Extreme OCD Camp…and an opportunity to send questions to participant, Josh

The first episode of  ‘Extreme OCD Camp’ was shown  on BBC 3 on Tuesday 30th July, with the second one next week at the same time. It followed six teenagers/young adults who suffer from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder on their journey to an intensive camp in America where they undergo ‘Exposure and Response Prevention’ therapy. This involves them confronting their greatest fears, and then being prohibited to carry out the responses.

It’s an extremely inspiring account of sufferers who are mentally as well as physically challenged to combat their OCD as well as camp in a remote forest! In this first episode, all the participants meet each other as well experience exposure therapy for the first time.

It really reveals the realism of what the disorder can truly be like and isn’t trivial. It’s very honest and emotional. Definitely worth a watch – you can access it via this link

If you have watched the programme and have any questions, then Josh who was one of the participants will be having a tweet chat with one of our other volunteers, Steve, next Wednesday at 3pm. If you would like to ask a question to Josh, then can you please send it to the @ocdaction twitter account. When sending the question, use the hashtag #ocdjosh so they know who the question is aimed at!

Hope you enjoy it!



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