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OCD Youth e-Helpline

We’ve launched a brand new virtual helpline for young people with OCD!

The OCD Youth e-Helpline is an instant messaging helpline, providing a listening and information support service to young people under 25 who have (or think they might have) OCD.

The idea is for young people with OCD to be able to talk to someone a bit closer to their own age about what they’re going through. With that in mind, e-Helpline operators consist of young people under 30, who have knowledge and/or personal experience of OCD.

The instant messaging helpline can be accessed via the button below, where you can chat live or leave a message if we’re not online. Or you can email at any time and we’ll get back to you:


We have published a schedule, so that you can book a slot or drop-in during opening hours. In the meantime, we’ll be providing updates via Twitter to let you know when there’s a helpline volunteer available to chat.

OCD Action received money from the Big Lottery Fund (Awards 4 All) to make this e-Helpline happen. We’re really grateful to have the chance to provide a much needed service for young people affected by OCD.

Please help us spread the word to help make sure the OCD Youth e-Helpline reaches all those who need it.


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Question from Subscriber.

How do you get over "what if" thoughts? These have been bothering me the most and convincing me that I will become a pedohpile. The thoughts go like "what if I really like this stuff and these are really my thoughts and opinions" or "what if I start to want to do something" and those encourage the thoughts even more. So I just want to know how can I beat this with confidences? My confidence has been lowered since this problem started and I now often get convinced that I may be a pervert and that I may do something when I really dont want to or have the intentions to. I know Im not a pervert because I was fine before all these thoughts had start but now Im scared I may do something to my little brother or some other child. Please help and respond as soon as you can. Thanks

Posted on January 5th 2017 @ 16:19:14. [ MTkyNA== ]