Youth Mental Health Services in Cheshire & Wirral

Thanks to CWP CAMHS for this great overview of their services. Some of you may find this information useful, particularly if you are based in the Cheshire/Wirral area…

“Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CWP) Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) support children, young people and their families in many different ways, offering a range of treatments and therapeutic practices.

“CWP CAMHS recognises that every service user is unique and we will always offer the support that we feel is best for them. We employ specialist mental health workers to work with children and young people who have moderate or complex mental health difficulties; working in partnership offer advice to families/carers and to other agencies supporting the family to promote emotional well-being and deliver innovative mental health strategies.

“The make up of our area teams vary throughout CWP, in order to best meet the needs of the local community.  CWP CAMHS is divided into area teams Wirral; West Cheshire and East Cheshire to best meet the needs of our local communities.  We also manage a series of specialist services; these centres of excellence accept referrals across and beyond the Trust area.

“We offer advice and training to a range of professionals working with children and young people; from how to recognise mental health difficulties, to creating an environment that enhances emotional security and well-being.

“The MyMind website; was developed for young people with the help of young people; check out how the voices of young people were heard.

“There is something for everyone: read aloud pages and sections aimed at primary and secondary ages. The site aims to take the stigma out of mental health services, informing children and young people about what to expect from CAMHS – whether this is about how someone maybe thinking or feeling or about what is happening around them. Parents, carers and professionals are not forgotten and have their own sections too.

“There is so much to explore on the website: CAMHS workers post ‘news’ about what is happening within CWP CAMHS, recognizing the impact on children and young people’s mental health; for instance we have posts about OCD, depression and eating disorders (amongst others); there are downloadable podcasts, we have our own YouTube Channel and twitter account @mymindfeed too.”

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