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This is a space where members are able to talk openly and honestly about issues relating to OCD. Due to the nature of intrusive thoughts, there may be some themes that are difficult to read about, particularly for younger audiences. Please take care of yourselves and those around you. We all know how difficult OCD can be to deal with, so having a judgement-free place to express yourself is vital. We also know that being able to hear from other people with similar experiences to you can be a real comfort. With that in mind, we hope you enjoy the blog!

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  • ridiculous1

    8 things people have said to me about my OCD

    March 1st 2017

    “Everyone is a bit OCD though, aren’t they?” When this has been said to me on more times than I care to remember, it always sounds more like a statement...Read More.

  • megaphone

    Lets take action against OCD!

    By Nicole February 20th 2017

    This week (20-26th of February) is OCD Action’s week of action. Week of action is all about taking action against OCD. Whether you have or currently are personally suffering from...Read More.

  • doll1

    OCD and Me

    February 15th 2017

    (Trigger Warning: This post contains descriptive accounts of both intrusive thoughts and compulsions which some readers may find distressing or triggering.) People say mental illness is a lonely place. They’re...Read More.

  • recovery road

    Why recovery is not just a straight road…

    By Nicole February 9th 2017

    When does recovery start? For me personally recovery starts when you take the first step, no matter how small it is, to get the help you need. This could be...Read More.

  • gloves

    When the world became untouchable…

    By Becca February 1st 2017

    My OCD has been around since the age of 10, and over the years, has taken on several different forms. A particularly dark period for me was at the age...Read More.