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This is a space where members are able to talk openly and honestly about issues relating to OCD. Due to the nature of intrusive thoughts, there may be some themes that are difficult to read about, particularly for younger audiences. Please take care of yourselves and those around you. We all know how difficult OCD can be to deal with, so having a judgement-free place to express yourself is vital. We also know that being able to hear from other people with similar experiences to you can be a real comfort. With that in mind, we hope you enjoy the blog!

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  • winter

    How to cope with OCD during the winter months

    By Nicole December 19th 2017

    Winter can be a difficult time for everyone. Avoiding colds and the flu like you’re in a PE lesson playing dodgeball. For those with OCD, in particular contamination OCD, a...Read More.

  • good days

    Good Days and Bad Days

    November 19th 2017

    The first time I ever encountered the real OCD in the media was watching the BBC’s 2013 two-part documentary, ‘Extreme OCD Camp’. My family saw it on iPlayer, and started...Read More.

  • self care

    Self-care 101

    By Nicole September 5th 2017

    Self-care is such a funny thing, isn’t it? Lots of people including magazines and online influencers preach how important self-care is for our mental health and rightly they should. But...Read More.

  • beach-1024x437

    How the Summer Holidays Affect My OCD

    By Alisha August 23rd 2017

    Time off from the reality of life, be it work, school, university, is supposed to be a relaxing time to regenerate and rebuild, and I know a lot of people...Read More.


    Why we can all fight OCD, like Ninjas

    June 1st 2017

    I have severe OCD. I want to highlight the desperate need for more awareness about the condition and treatment available across the country and beyond, and give hope to you...Read More.

  • mental health 79

    I dedicate my life to spreading awareness, reducing the stigma and supporting those who struggle with their mental health but also people who live with or know someone close to...Read More.

  • ocd friend

    In a very sick and twisted way, OCD is one of my best friends. I was going to write a blog post about how OCD affects friendships and relationships, but...Read More.

  • goldfish-791-300x152

    Book Review: The Goldfish Boy

    By Richard April 12th 2017

    It would be a great disservice to dismiss The Goldfish Boy as merely a detective-come-mystery adventure with a ‘touch of OCD’ thrown it for good measure, for it is so...Read More.

  • inside my head 79

    Last month, CBBC’s Newsround released an ‘Inside My Head’ special about a boy called Josh, aged 14, who lives with OCD. In the programme, Josh told his story which included...Read More.

  • soap

    A dual burden: Anorexia and OCD

    March 29th 2017

    Trigger warning: Detailed accounts of anorexia are mentioned in this post, which some may find triggering. It is often assumed that suffering with two mental illnesses makes thing a lot...Read More.