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    Stigma and discrimination: let’s put an end to it

    May 15th 2014

    Imagine having had the best summer of your life, received the results necessary to progress onto university, and met a new partner while spending the majority of days lying in...Read More.

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    Morna’s Birthday Ceilidh!

    May 2nd 2014

    OCD Action member, Morna, has decided not to throw a usual 16th birthday party. The Aberdeenshire OCD sufferer has decided to turn her big day into a fundraising ceilidh [a...Read More.

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    Operation Cornwall Devon (OCD)

    April 22nd 2014

    OCD Action member and Marketing Officer for OCD Action’s Youth Panel, Jamie Fletcher, is to embark on a 290 mile trek in aid of the charity this summer. The 24-year-old,...Read More.

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    Advice for teens with OCD

    April 11th 2014

    As patronising as it undoubtedly reads; being a teenager is not easy. People will tell you that it’s an awkward stage full of insecurities, mixed and intense feelings, confusing thoughts...Read More.

  • Sam’s Story

    April 4th 2014

    Sam is now at university and has got to the point where she is able to manage her OCD – however, it has been a difficult road with real effects...Read More.

  • After the success of last years Thorpe Park Youth Meet-Up, we are pleased to announce our second get together: a fun day of bowling at MFA Bowl in Luton on...Read More.

  • Bowling Meet-Up!

    February 28th 2014

    Come join us for a big day out to MFA Bowl in Luton! We’ll be meeting at 11:30 on 23rd March for a couple of games of bowling, something to...Read More.

  • “In September 2014 a new duty will be introduced for governing bodies to make arrangements to support pupils at school with medical conditions. This guidance is intended to help governing...Read More.

  • Introduction To begin, I’d like to give a brief explanation of some of the terms I’ll be using in the article. Thanks to the websites from which I’m stealing the...Read More.

  • Free CPD webinars for teachers

    January 21st 2014

    Enhance your knowledge of OCD and supporting learners with OCD in the classroom. The ‘OCD at School’ CPD webinar programme will take the form of a two-part course, during which...Read More.