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    OCD in YA books

    By Alisha January 18th 2017

    There’s something ever so comforting about reading a book, particularly when a protagonist falls close to your heart, and for sufferers with OCD, it can be warming to see the...Read More.

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    OCD; Your adjective, our Hell.

    By Nicole January 11th 2017

    If there is one thing that I am incredibly passionate about, it’s ending the stigma and discrimination that surrounds OCD and mental health in general. I won’t ever shut up,...Read More.

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    Welcome to YAP 2017!

    By Richard January 4th 2017

    If you’ve found yourself reading this, then hello and welcome to OCD Action’s Youth Advisory Panel for 2017! It’s a new year, a new panel and I am sure that...Read More.

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    Side Effects May Include

    By Katy November 29th 2016

    My OCD has taken many different forms over the years but primarily it revolved around contamination. With that came the obvious side effects like dry hands from excessive washing and...Read More.

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