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  • OCD artwork

    Awesome Artwork Themed Around OCD

    By Richard March 9th 2018

    The artwork in this post was created by Eimear, a student in Edinburgh, and we desperately wanted to share it on the website. She commented that, “I actually have been...Read More.

  • Managing life with OCD1

    I don’t often find myself consciously thinking about OCD as much anymore because it’s usually something that happens on autopilot. Like an app functioning in the background, OCD ticks along,...Read More.

  • Winter

    How to cope with OCD during the winter months

    By Nicole December 19th 2017

    Winter can be a difficult time for everyone. Avoiding colds and the flu like you’re in a PE lesson playing dodgeball. For those with OCD, in particular contamination OCD, a...Read More.

  • thumbnail_Good and bad days

    Good Days and Bad Days

    November 19th 2017

    The first time I ever encountered the real OCD in the media was watching the BBC’s 2013 two-part documentary, ‘Extreme OCD Camp’. My family saw it on iPlayer, and started...Read More.

If you have or think you may have OCD, check out our guide to have these questions answered:
  • What is OCD?
  • How do I know if I have OCD?
  • What can my school or university
    do to support me?
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